What is FIPS?

Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Codes for Geographical Areas.  If you have a newer model Weather Radio, amateur radio transceiver or scanner, you may wish to have those FIPS codes you are interested in preprogrammed.  Using these codes you not only receive the tone activation alerts, but in some radios, a brief identification of the weather problem anticipated.

FIPS codes provide unique codes for U.S. states, counties, populated places, primary county divisions, and other locational entities as well as for countries.

Connecticut FIPS Codes:

FIPS Code    009001    Fairfield CT  
FIPS Code    009003    Hartford CT  
FIPS Code    009005    Litchfield CT  
FIPS Code    009007    Middlesex CT  
FIPS Code    009009    New Haven CT  
FIPS Code    009011    New London CT  
FIPS Code    009013    Tolland CT  
FIPS Code    009015    Windham CT  

Because weather events rarely follow the state lines, here are some

 FIPS codes for those counties over the state line from the Bethel Area:

New York FIPS Codes:

FIPS Code    036027    Dutchess NY  
FIPS Code    036079    Putnam NY  
FIPS Code    036119    Westchester NY  

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