SKYWARN will be activated during the Winter months for:

  1. Short duration High Wind Warning (less than 6 hours)
  2. Flood Watch
  3. Flood Warning (If not preceded by a Watch)
  4. Winter Storm OR Blizzard Warning (ALSO Heavy Snow/Ice Storm Warnings)
  5. Coastal Flood Warning

In addition, local amateur weather organizations will solicit snowfall reports by:
1 am, 4 am, 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm, 6:30 pm, and 9:30 pm
when an accumulative snow is in progress.

Highest Priority Items

It is imperative that this information is obtained as soon as possible and whether or not a formal declaration of SKYWARN is in effect:

  1. Damaging wind gusts in excess of 57 mph whether or not accompanied by a thunderstorm. If you are not sure of the speed, contact your controller or weather office anytime trees or power lines are downed or if structural damage to homes begins (e.g., slates off roof, antenna downed)
  2. Flooding of streams onto roadways and/or inundate homes and/or businesses. Any urban flooding significant enough to make roadways/underpasses impassable.
  3. Two inches of rain within a twelve hour period.
  4. Heavy accumulation of ice which downs trees and/or power lines.
  5. Snowfall accumulation of 6 inches or more from a given snowstorm.
  6. Ice jams on rivers or streams which produce flooding.

Other Priority Items:

Please try to reach your Net Controller first!

  1. Estimated wind gusts from 40 mph to 57 mph.
  2. Freezing rain or sleet occurring when none is forecast.
  3. A thunderstorm in progress when none is forecast.
  4. Rainfall of:
  5. An accumulation of snow of one inch or greater when none is forecast.
  6. The presence of rain when only frozen precipitation is forecast (sleet, snow, and/or freezing rain)
  7. Rains or snowmelt which cause minor roadway flooding or flooding of streams.
  8. Blowing and/or drifting snow which closes roadways.


NEVER place yourself in any danger when reporting Severe Weather!