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The Bethel Office of Emergency Management
Municipal Center
1 School Street
Bethel, Connecticut 06801
Voice: (203)794-8522 Fax: (203)794-8524

Director: Tom Galliford


Jim Ritterbusch, KD1YV

Bill Thoren, N1TIW

Ken Weith, KD1DD

Bill Schaefer, N1PJG

Barry Connolly, KA1JDD

Ron Willson, N1IBQ

Amy Bruno, N1NBW 


To maximize survival of people, prevent and/or minimize injuries, and preserve property and resources in the town of Bethel by making use of all available manpower, equipment, and other resources in the event of natural, or man-made disasters, or enemy attack.

General Information & Meetings:

The Bethel Office of Emergency Management meets the second Monday evening of every month, from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. Meetings are conducted in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), located in the basement of the Bethel Municipal Center. This is a limited access area. Volunteers are invited to attend. Training is available for all interested individuals.  Our facilities. Meetings are held in conjunction with the BEARS, The Bethel Educational Amateur Radio  Society. The Bethel EOC is part of Area 1 of the State of Connecticut.

Special Fox 61 Segment on the Ham Radio's Emergency Communications Grant

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